If you need a will or trust -- for yourself, to decide who will take care of your kids if anything happens to you, or for your parents, let us help you.

Virginia Beach Wills & Trusts Attorney

Most people need a simple will. Va Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers will interview you carefully to understand your situation and all the people you want to protect or provide for. And this kind of planning is not just for material things. If you have children, Daniel can help you help insure that they go to the guardians you would want for them if anything should happen to you.

Adding a trust to a will can help avoid probate. Trusts generate flexible and strong solutions to what were often difficult problems. Particularly today as parents and other loved ones are living longer, the questions and solutions can be complex.

When a simple will and trust alone are not enough, Virginia Beach Attorney can help you find the right expert practitioner in Elder Law or Tax Law at no additional cost.