From Contract Review in Buying and Selling Your Home, to Building New Homes and Development CC&Rs

Virginia Beach Real Estate Attorney

How many lawyers do you know who have helped develop 155 acre development on a thriving US Route? Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers has. (The house pictured below is one of the houses Daniel had built at the Development.)

Attorney Daniel Rodgers

Unlike so many real estate agents who give blank looks when asked about, say, the three most important steps to take in insuring a good investment in land, and what one thing will either make or break a development, Daniel will readily tell you the answers to these questions from experience.

If you know development, you know how important it can be for your lawyer to know, not from books, but from personal experience, don’t you?

Daniel’s development was green development before the word became trendy, reserving most of the property for the diverse wildlife over the three ecosystems present, wetland, field and forrest.

But this not only supported important environmental values, it was consistent with the highest and best use of the property. It helped allow the right for development for individuals and families with children in a growing area, all the while creating a truly valuable property that enhanced the sense of community.

Draft Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions for your community or development that preserve your control of the development while you need it, and avoid the terrible infighting

If you need help with your real estate sale or purchase, building project or development, call Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers at 831-1551.