Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers has helped more than a hundred would-be nonprofit founders with tax-exemption and other nonprofit issues...

Virginia Beach Nonprofit Attorney

Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers

Nonprofit Tax Exemption Attorney Daniel Rodgers wrote the book on nonprofit tax-exemption – literally. He has counseled hundreds of nonprofit founders. In every case that a founder has gone forward with the nonprofit, committed to Daniel's advice, the nonprofit has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. These are entitled to give tax-deductions in exchange for donations, and also to seek grants. Daniel has helped found churches, charities, missions groups, research groups, Christian Schools, and many others.

Generally, so long as a group is religious, educational, charitable, literary, artistic, musical, some sport groups, scientific, or dedicated to helping a class under a disability (this can include the old or young, sick, or poor, etc.), the group can become tax-exempt, and be eligible to receive grants, and donations that are tax-deductible. If you can think of a nonprofit group that you would like to be like, Nonprofit Tax-Exemption Attorney Daniel Rodgers probably can help you with it.

Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers says the thing he likes about working with nonprofits is that sometimes he “feels he is working to help a Mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King.”

Here’s what a client says:
"Forming a nonprofit with tax-exemption can be arduous -- sometimes it takes six months to gain IRS approval. But Daniel makes it easy and was with us every step of the way. He really helped us develop and define our vision. I wouldn't have wanted any other attorney on this."
-- Michael White, Founder of the International Charity, Seven Still Waters, Inc.

PACs, 527s, 501(c)(4)s, etc
Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers can help you create other tax-exempt nonprofits, including political action committees, advocacy, and social policy groups (PAC, 527 organizations, 501(c)(4) groups, etc). Let us help you make a difference in the process. Attorney Daniel Rodgers has helped in the architecture of some stunningly successful legislative packages, ranging from welfare reform to domestic violence and date rape drug prevention. If you have a good legislative idea or objective, he may be able to help design a plan for its drafting, passage and implementation.

Call Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers for your nonprofit, tax-exempt entrepreneurial or legislative needs at 831-1551.