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Virginia Beach Injury Law

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, and have an injury, Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers may help you receive a settlement that provides for your needs. Daniel also understands that most injured people do not want a long court battle, but only want a just settlement and to be restored and made whole. At the same time, Daniel has served in court hundreds of times, and welcomes the opportunity to take your case to a judge or jury when necessary, with your consent.

Whether you have been hurt and injured in an auto accident and need an attorney, had a slip and fall, or have an injury where things are just not clear to you, call Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers. If you find it difficult to travel, our team will come to you.

Attorney Daniel Rodgers feels the same. You know you need justice, guidance, and compensation to be made whole again. You know you need an an attorney who will be an effective advocate for you. At the same time, you may be confused about where to turn. Is it really necessary to resort to all the angry posturing as shown on some commercials? Trust your instincts: Judges frown on posturing and histrionics in the court room. Insurance companies may mock it in the board room. Yet insurance companies do make money from minimizing claim expenses. If you want a competent attorney who will show you and your family the respect of honesty, if you need an attorney with the professional skill and drive to vigorously assert your rights, why not meet with Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers and discuss the next steps.

Physical injuries are often compensated by looking at medical bills and then applying a multiplier for pain and suffering. You need someone to negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Do not sign anything from an insurance company until speaking with an attorney.

Daniel has studied brain and spinal injuries, and understands the special trauma that these represent for the survivor, and his or her family. He is committed to getting the compensation needed to insuring a worry free recovery and rehabilitation.

From the time he was in law school, Daniel has dealt with Social Security Disability Law. While in law school, he served as a law clerk to a Federal Magistrate Judge who reviews all the appeals for social security disability claimants who were denied, and after law school Daniel spent an additional year as a law clerk to a U.S. District Judge, where multi-million dollar personal injury claims were litigated. Writing the initial draft of opinions in SSDI cases, under the Judge's watchful eye, Daniel quickly learned what makes a strong appeal and a weak one. Let him bring his experience to help you. He has the experience and respect to be able to help you or your loved one going through this difficult time.

Society has made an agreement with each one of us: that it will provide for us through the Social Security Disability Insurance system we each pay into, against the day we cannot work. If you have been injured, it may be time for Social Security to pay you back, for what you have already paid into the SSDI system.

If you need help, call Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers at 831-1551. The initial consultation is these cases is free, we can make sure that there is no attorney fee unless you recover. If you are hurt, we come to you.