Helping Immigrants from Eastern Europe, Russia and elsewhere immigrate to America

Virginia Beach Immigration Law

The story of immigration is the story of America.

Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers knows this well, having recent immigrant relatives (his mother’s family), as well as more distant immigrant relations who fought for Independence in the American Revolution (his father’s family). Daniel grew up hearing their stories. He has deep respect for their drive to provide for their families, and make their own unique contribution to this Country.

If you want to visit America, obtain legal residency and work permit (green card), or become a citizen, let us help! If you are already here and want to extend your stay, our firm can help as well.

Virginia Beach is a welcoming place to immigrants, though we can help you settle anywhere in America. There are vibrant communities of Slavic, Russian, Eastern European, Greek, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and Latino here, among others, waiting for you to join them.

Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers focuses on helping Russian and Eastern European immigrants, because of Virginia Beach’s vibrant communities of these, and welcomes others also. You can reach Virginia Beach Attorney for immigration help at (757) 831-1551 or by email at