Child custody, visitation, guardianship, name changes, and adoption. 

Virginia Beach Family Law

Judges entrust Attorney Daniel Rodgers with the representation of children in the most difficult of situations. As the children’s attorney (their guardian during the litigation), Daniel has a similar perspective to the Court. Although all cases are different, with different outcomes, Daniel has been able to show the Court how the best interests of the children are served by what he has advocated for them. Daniel also has been able to mediate agreements where none were previously thought possible.

Custody and visitation issues are complicated by some of the same emotions and problems, case to case, but most parties to the litigation don’t have the experience or knowledge of the law to see a way through. But there are simple things that can cut down on friction and make the situation work better for the children, and both parties.

At other times, one of the parties is abusive and manipulative of the process, disrespectful to the other parent, and contemptuous of the Court’s authority. A good attorney can help document this, and alert the Court to what is really going on. Once a Court recognizes this and how it hurts the child’s best interests, the Court is in a position to bring an end to such manipulations and abuse.

Many young parents wonder what will happen to their children if something should happen to both parents. Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers can help you secure your children’s future against any unforeseen problems by effectively setting up solutions for the Court ahead of time.

If you are tired of the questions that come from having different last names among your children and yourself, or see this contributing to disunity in the family or other difficulties for you and your kids, a name change can be obtained. In appearance, this is one solution that at least looks similar to adoption, and may be more appropriate in certain specific circumstances.

Daniel has worked with programs such as "One Church, One Child" to help increase adoptions. If you need a private attorney adoption, Daniel and his staff look forward to helping you.

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