If you were accused, who could you trust to stand with you and your family in your darkest hour?

Daniel Rodgers, Hampton Roads AttorneyVirginia Beach Criminal Law

Before Virginia Beach Attorney Daniel Rodgers ever defended a client, he worked for years to re-structure the domestic violence laws in Virginia, to create an effective deterrent to the cycle of abuse. He staffed the Effective Prosecution Committee of the Virginia Supreme Court’s Commission on Family Violence Prevention.

Later, as an Assistant Attorney General, he drafted and helped pass criminal laws, including an anti date-rape drug law.

Later still, Daniel prosecuted scores of cases of violence, stalking, and other abuses against women and children, under some of the very same laws he had helped to re-structure. (If you are a person suffering abuse, needing options, Daniel is willing to meet with you, without charge).

Attorney Daniel Rodgers believes a strong and vigorous defense -- requiring the government to prove its claims -- is a bulwark of liberty. Daniel is selective in the cases he takes on, and believes that each person should have someone stand with them in their darkest hour, and that that lawyer should be the right person for the case.

Attorney Daniel Rodgers vigorously advocates for his clients. Each case is unique, and results in one case do not indicate what results might be obtained in another. But Daniel is proud of case in which he confronted a prosecution which had misinterpreted a law, putting a client at risk of losing four years of his life. The lower court judge agreed with the prosecutor.

Daniel appealed the question, demonstrating to the higher court that his interpretation was correct. In doing so, it helped that the Virginia General Assembly also effectively agreed, moving quickly to re-write the law after it recognized the potential for error. Because Daniel thoroughly researched the law, was incisive in his interpretation, and made compelling and persistent arguments, the charge was dismissed against the client the expense of a trial.

When appropriate, Daniel appreciates the opportunity to work for rehabilitation and restorative solutions for juveniles and other first time offenders.

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